Parafuture- Artisti in erba (Parafuture- Budding artists) is an experimental project aimed at connecting today’s artists with future ones, which wants to make children and young people aware of the value of every form of art.

The kids section offers various activities for school children and young students, but it also addresses a varied public and aims at involving kids of every age in its workshops.

Its purpose is to allow the kids to approach art by combining the ideas of the participants to create collective works.

In 2014 the project involved more than 1.500 students from 12 schools of Turin and the province.

In 2015 the project involved more than 2.000 students from 16 schools of Turin and province, and 400 children with their parents.

Artists from every part of Italy participated to the 2015 edition of the kids section’s activities, as well as students from more than 16 different schools, thanks to special collaborations that last the whole year. For example, we decorated the walls of the classrooms the IC Manzoni; 24 classes of the liceo classico Alfieri were involved in various activities, and the school contributed to the creation of the project’s catalogue; the IC Duca degli Abruzzi made some ornamental posters.

This was made possible by the partnership with Delper, SanFruit, Molecola, Sikkens, GiovaniGenitori, Fondazione Paideia, Save the Children, FestopoliUrban Center Metropolitano and Dolcearea.